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About Us

Who are we?

Children’s emotional, social, and physical development stems from an effective and happy school life. The chief actors to ensure this are school principals. Established with this awareness, the Leading School Principals Society is a civil platform that represents the profession and its professionals.

The Principles of Leading School Principals Society

The Leading School Principals Society adopts “peer interaction” as its basic principle with regard to the formation of professional development and career awareness.

Leading School Principals Society …

  • is human-oriented.
  • is virtuous.
  • gives priority to student progress.
  • continuous development is essential.
  • is against discrimination.
  • is based on scientific knowledge.
  • is sharing.
  • is transparent.
  • is fond of participative management.

The Purpose of Leading School Principals Society

The Society is established to provide an environment for each school in which every student can develop his/her mental, emotional, social and physical potential in order …

  • to strengthen the awareness of school management profession,
  • to create a national and international interaction platform among the school administrators,
  • to increase the visibility and effectiveness of the school management profession in public (opinion),
  • to contribute vocational, social and individual development of school managers.

The Study Areas of Leading School Principals Society

  • Organizing and implementing certified trainings in order to contribute to the professional development of school administrators in cooperation with the universities.
  • Improving the interaction among colleagues with social activities such as outdoor sports and cultural visits/tours.
  • Developing projects on professional development and/or contributing our schools directly and indirectly.
  • Developing awareness of the profession through research, extending lifelong learning culture and increasing the awareness of the public, through periodical and non-periodical publications.
  • And we desire to ease the responsibilities that we undertake and make them pleasurable while we plan this process together.

The Priorities of Leading School Principals Society

  • To determine the professional standards and ethical principals of school administration.
  • To develop an effective, accessible and sustainable model of professional development.
  • To prepare school development programs.
  • To create a network of information, experience and value sharing among school administrators.
  • To prioritize the development of employee personal rights of school administrators.

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